Rev. Donald Campbell - National Men's Ministry President

The Men’s Ministry is designed to build, strengthen and encourage every brother that is a part of the “Fellowship” through workshops, seminars, retreats and round table talks.

Our Goal in the Men’s Ministry of HWSF is to be the best productive men that we can be in our families, churches and in society. 


Queen Pastor Hazel L Freeman, DD - National Supervisor of Women

The Women’s Department – To embrace all the women in the “Fellowship” in love and unity and to stand with our Presiding Prelate and Chief Apostle as well as our male counterparts covering them in prayer and to teach the women of HWSF how to become empowered by a strong self-image, prayer, fasting and the Word of God.

Our Goal is to be united as women for kingdom building and to teach the young women how to live godly in this present world and to aid our “fellowship” as needed.

The Women’s Department shall consist of:

National Women Supervisor
1.    To Supervise the National Women's Department of said Fellowship. 
2.    Working in agreement with the Presiding Bishop/National President, and The Executive Board.  This office runs parallel to that of the administration of this said body, which being interpreted means to work in agreement with bi-laws and articles of said fellowship.

Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women
In each Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, a Woman Supervisor shall be assigned and shall report to the National Women's  Supervisor and the Jurisdictional Bishop.
Her duties/responsibilities shall be, but not limited to:
a.    She shall have the power to appoint and remove officers of her cabinet within her said jurisdiction. However, no such appointment or removal shall be made unless the same is consented to/by the Bishop presiding in that jurisdiction.
b.    She shall supervise over all auxiliaries that are organized under the auspices of the Women’s department of her said jurisdiction.


Elder Novie R. Sessoms, Sr. - National Adjutant General


The Adjutancy – is a ministry of help (I Corinthians 12:28). The main focus of the Adjutancy is to “sanctify the leader in the eyes of the people.” The Adjutancy is a team of servants who are united to help make the ministry work. It is important that the Adjutant and all others know and understand that the Adjutancy is the property of the Presiding Prelate. We exist to carry out his wishes. The adjutancy (or armor bear in some communions) is a Bible ordained position.  Among those persons serving as adjutants or armor bearers in the Scriptures were David for Saul and Elisha for Elijah. An adjutant is responsible for his or her leader at all times. The National Adjutancy Corps has been charged with the sacred task of standardizing the fundamentals of our ceremonial, liturgical and protocol traditions. The Adjutancy Corps was established as the mechanism through which these essential traditions could be preserved and enacted. 
This department aids in helping the vision of the leader come to pass by directly assisting the leaders, in return allowing them to clearly focus on their vision.  The Adjutancy is a commitment to God and leadership. Being an Adjutant is not about being glamorous.  Instead it’s about sacrifice.  As an Adjutant you serve and give, not because you are looking for something in return, but because you love your leaders. 


Our Goal: is to provide the highest level of servitude and honor. To be a team of God believing, praying, giving and always up lifting our leaders as well as the fellowship: To exercise the greatest tact, piety, dignity, timeliness, confidentiality and non-familiarity and too maintain the best social relationships with peers and superiors. 


Evangelist Christa A. Berri - National President of Chosen Generation (Youth Department)


Chosen Generation – is the Young People’s Department of HWSF. Our mission is to help the young members in the “Fellowship” grow spiritually as well as individually. Giving each the opportunity to exercise the gifts God has given them.

Our Goal is to address spiritual matters and life issues as well. While progressing forward, we bridge the gap by reverencing the past which is our foundation on which we stand, while embracing the future of the new age church. Worshiping and praising God the CG (Chosen Generation) way!!

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