Consecration to the Bishopric

This past August 10-14, 2016 Holy Way Spiritual Fellowship Inc., Interdenominational had its 17th annual convocation that convened in Kansas City, Mo ; there was such an electrifying and unique presence of God this year. Revival, Restoration, and Renewal came to all those that attended. On Sunday, August 14th 2016 a sacred and epic event happened. The consecration to the bishopric of two honorable men took place. The first one in the person of H. Jon Palmer Jr who became the West Coast Jurisdictional Bishop and the second in the person of A. L. Eggleston who now is known as the first Suffragan Bishop of Holy Way and Interim-Southern Jurisdictional Bishop. The Lord released His glory and kissed this marvelous marriage with His apostolic succession. We welcome these two men to this most holy brotherhood.